Best Identity Theft Protection Services Of 2021

Identity theft is becoming increasingly more sophisticated as swindlers deploy an ever-evolving array of techniques and tools to hijack your personal information. If successful, a fraudster can use your identifying information to open credit accounts, file a tax return or assume someone’s identity in its entirety.

It’s no longer enough to just ignore a call from an unfamiliar number. Sophisticated scammers use phony emails (“phishing”) text messages (“smishing”) and voicemails (“vishing”) to entice you to divulge certain details.

Is An ID Theft Protection Tool Worth The Investment?

If you’re looking for a firm layer of security to make you feel safer while online shopping, paying your bills online, sharing personal information on social media, and more, then yes—an ID protection service is definitely worth the investment. While some people may see these solutions as “nice-to-have” rather than “must-have,” they might be interested in learning that many of them offer free trial periods of up to 30 days, or discounts on your first annual subscription.

How Do These Tools Work?

The best ID theft protection services on the market utilize unique data and advanced technologies to monitor credit card transactions, the Dark Web, social media, and more. Their goal is to immediately detect when your information is stolen, offered for sale, or used fraudulently, in order to mitigate the damage of ID attacks as much as possible. Once you are alerted about an attack, these services will help restore your identity, reimburse you for stolen funds, and offer expert support around the clock.

Best Identity Theft Protection Providers

1. Identity Guard

Identity Guard uses IBM® Watson™ Artificial Intelligence to detect identity threats with predictive analytics. During setup, you can create a Watchlist for Identity Guard to monitor your email address, credit, accounts, and phone numbers. If identity theft occurs, the company also provides recovery assistance.


  • Family plans offered
  • IBM intelligent tracking
  • Affordable pricing

2. Identity Force

IdentityForce offers 24/7 identity protection support and real-time alerts if IdentityForce’s Certified Protection Experts detect suspicious activity. The team will keep a close eye on your information, including the selling of your personal data and credit.


  • 2 months of free service on annual plans
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • Investment Account Alerts
  • Family Plans Available

3. Identity IQ

Founded in 2010, IdentityIQ helps individuals protect their personal information through a variety of identity theft solutions. IdentityIQ offers four theft protection solution plans at affordable price-points, so you only pay for exactly what you need.


  • Tri-bureau credit monitoring
  • Protection for family members
  • Up to $1 million in coverage