Smart Watches: Making the “Smart” Choice

Hiking, climbing, swimming, running, or even the average day at the office. These are some of the many purposes of the modern smartwatch. Although such accessories were reserved for the select few only a handful of years ago, it is now possible to enjoy their technology without being forced to spend an arm and a leg. The key takeaway point is knowing what to look for in a quality make and model. Furthermore, are there any qualities that could hint at a less-than-reliable watch? In order to appreciate how to make the best selection, we will be addressing these points and a few others. If you hope to get the best watch that your funds can afford, keep on reading.

What to look for in a Smartwatch

One of the first aspects of this category to appreciate is the sheer variety that you can choose from. Some units are associated with only basic functions such as heart rate, the number of steps taken and the distance walked. However, these are merely scratching the surface. Others can provide you with access to the Internet and some even offer the ability to watch HD videos (albeit on a rather small screen). These metrics should first be taken into account. In other words, what kind of watch do you need as opposed to what type do you desire? This is a great way to avoid spending more than you can afford.

Another issue involves the size and resolution of the screen. This will also involve the functions of the watch. Larger displays that utilize LED or OLED technology are normally associated with HD applications. The resolution will obviously affect the overall functionality and user-friendly nature of the watch. Still, size is just as important. Some models have been accused of a rather "bulky" feel and this can cause issues during physical activities. Try to find a model that is able to achieve a balance between comfort and function.

Processing power and flexibility are just as important at the look and feel of the unit. It should be mentioned that many smartwatches offer a rather "bare bones" sense of functionality in the beginning. This encourages users to purchase dedicated apps in order to enhance their sense of interaction. Unfortunately, watches with low amounts of memory will run into problems if a particularly large application is downloaded. So, always check to see the amount of available memory.

Signs of a Dubious Model

The price will indicate the quality of the watch. Still, be wary of a large number of poor user reviews. These could suggest that a software or hardware issue is present. If you find that the majority of feedback is neutral to negative, it is always a good idea to look elsewhere. Finally, examine the materials of the watch in question. Those made from cast aluminum or waterproof configurations will obviously offer a much better sense of durability when compared to models comprised of plastic and stainless steel.

How to Get the Best Deals

Much like any modern electronic product, always perform a fair amount of research in advance. Notwithstanding reading customer reviews, it is important to see whether or not there are any sales occurring in the near future. Examples include end-of-summer, Black Friday, or holiday promotions. You might be able to save a great deal of money while still purchasing a quality watch. It is also wise to check for one-off online rebates in the form of QR codes and similar offers. These tend to exist when a watch first comes to market and it never hurts to see if any are available.

The Top Smartwatches of 2020

There are hundreds of models available and yet, some tend to rise to the top of their class. At the time that this piece was written, the brands mentioned immediately below represented the best in their class:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 
  • Fossil Sport
  • FitBit Versa 2
  • Apple Watch 5
  • OshenWatch 

If you hope to find the best deals on the market, there is no doubt that this article will come in handy in the future. Feel free to refer back to its contents on occasion.