How to Find the Best 4K Television for Your Needs

It can be argued that the definition of high tech in these modern times is a 4K high-definition television system. Not only are these units beautiful to behold, but they are able to provide a picture quality that would have been unheard of only a handful of years ago. However, there are many other factors to consider than the picture alone. If you hope to make the best decision possible while not spending an inordinate amount of money, this article will definitely prove useful. Let's take a look at what factors should be taken into account as well as some worthwhile tips that can help you to save money along the way.

What Defines a Good 4K Television System?

The first thing to appreciate is that the best 4K televisions on the market are equipped with what is known as HDR technology. HDR is essentially a system which offers a greater dynamic range in terms of contrast and colors. Without becoming overly technical, this simply means that the images themselves will take on a life of their own (while still offering an amazing sense of resolution. Most 4K televisions that are equipped with HDR technology will display this quality on the front of the package, so it will be easy to determine.

Size will also come into play. It does no good purchasing a 60-inch television if you plan on placing it within a small bedroom. Not only is this aesthetically obtuse, but it can even cause issues such as headaches. Carefully calculate the amount of space you have as well as the distance that viewers will be positioned when watching a program. Most feel that at least ten feet should separate the viewer from the screen itself.

Consider the design of the 4K television. Do you want one with large borders or are you looking for a frame that merely consists of the screen? Many newer models are border-less and it is said that this feature contributes to the realism of the picture, but such a feature will more than likely depend upon the needs of the buyer in question. Thickness also needs to be analyzed. Thicker units are indeed more robust and yet, they can weigh a significant amount. This will make adjustments and transportation somewhat more difficult.

Can the unit be mounted on a wall if needed? Many 4K televisions have become light enough that they can be affixed to a wall that contains the appropriate supporting studs. However, others are designed with a mounting stand on their base. It is probably best to find a unit that offers both options, as your interior decorating needs could very well change in the future. Keep in mind that it wall mounting brackets are not included, they may need to be purchased separately. Depending upon the configuration, these can cost as much as a few hundred dollars.

How to Get the Best Deals

In terms of 4K high-definition televisions, you get what you pay for. It is actually better to spend slightly higher in order to obtain a quality brand with a substantial warranty. Having said this, perform a good amount of online research to determine if third-party outlets (such as Best Buy) are offering any deals when compared to purchasing one from the manufacturer. End-of-year and Black Friday sales are also extremely useful,as these can offer discounts of ten percent of more even when referring to the top names in the industry. Many televisions offer monthly payment plans in exchange for a lump sum down payment. Ask whether a large down payment will reduce the monthly premiums that you are required to pay. Also, determine if the associated interest rates are fixed or they will be subject to change (variable rates can sometimes increase; causing you to pay more than was initially anticipated).

What are the Top 4K HD Televisions on the Market Today?

Before concluding, let us quickly list five of the top 4K televisions. These will give you an idea of what to expect and you can always perform additional research.

  • The Sony XBR 81E
  • The LG OLEDE7P
  • The Samsung QNQ7F
  • The Vizio E and D series (from 2017 onwards)
  • The Nebula Mars Portable Cinema